February 23, 2018

Whom We Serve

Who can participate?


Target Semi-open Activities Closed-group Activities
People With Same-Sex Attractions Bible Study Group


(TBA) Support Group Accountability group
Newcomers Orientation Activity (Pre-group)  (Pending)  Canaan Fellowship
Parents With LGBT Loved Ones Chatroom for Daddies Wednesdays,  Monthly Support Groups for Parents ( with Gay Child)

Support Group for Parents (with Lesbian Child)

Tsim Sha Tsui Group

Maria Group

Monthly Parenting Workshops The 1st Saturday afternoon in each month
Newcomers Orientation Course  (TBA)
Educational Talks The 1st Saturday afternoon in each month
Volunteers Befrienders Basic Training Courses The 2nd Saturday in each Month Personal Growth Group (for befrienders) Monthly
Bible Meditation  Workshop (TBA)
Prayer Meeting: Pray for NCA Ministries (Open to All); 18/7/19 & 22/9/19
Pray for Mainland Missions; 6/8/19 & 3/12/19
 Taize Prayers Activities  24/11/19


*The above information could be changed, please refer to the activity posters for actual time and date.  Contact Tel. Number: 81038010