February 23, 2018


“New Creation Association” is a non-profit organization founded on Christian faith to address the issue of sexual orientation.  We uphold God’s teaching in the Scripture that marriage is between a man and a woman only.   Through services including individual interviews, educational programs and support groups, we aim to clarify the confusion surrounding same sex attraction, gay and homosexuality.


We acknowledge that there is an increasing tendency for today’s society to respect people’s desire to seek individuality and explore their sexuality.   However, there are still people who cannot settle for their unwanted same-sex attraction and come to us for help. We provide workshops and programs to address their struggles and lessen their feeling of loneliness and guilt.   Our ultimate aim is to help them build friendship and improve relations so that they can merge into the society without fear and shame.


One of our focuses is to provide emotional support to families and friends of those who have struggles in same sex attraction.  We empower these families and friends with empathy, clarity and encouragement so that they are strong enough to walk with their beloved and ultimately, establish a body to care and love this minority group of strugglers.


Our mission is to offer love and education.  We do not aim to turn anyone “straight” or provide a “cure”.    We do not interfere in anyone’s sexual orientation, but will seek to bring friendship and harmony to the society founded on deep Christian faith.