June 26, 2019

Who we are ?

The Story of NC

Nice to meet you! Let me introduce myself. My name is ‘New Creation’ and I was born in 2004. I believe that each person’s life is a story. I love listening to stories and I equally love to share precious stories with others. I also like to share with others my story. It may be the first time I share this with you!


In 1994, an Australian missionary came to Hong Kong and learnt Cantonese. He ran a support group for people struggling with homosexuality. That was how the vision to care for this minority group was conveyed to Hong Kong so that those who struggle with one’s gender identity could have a taste of warmth and love!

One’s life inspires another’s. After running the support group for a few years, a small group of post-gay (please refer to common terms [1]) who had benefitted from that group, named Choices Ministry, had been gathered. In 2001, five post-gay and some passionate fellows had their first meeting in Causeway Bay to plan and explore how to serve friends who struggle with homosexuality.


In February, 2004, Dr. Hong Kwai Wah and a group of post-gay had regularly met for a year. They put ideas into objectives and are ready to launch a new support group ministry. I was given a name, ‘New Creation Association,’ and that was how I was born!

The first nine years, I grew as I served. Gradually, my concern move on, from the sexual orientation itself to one’s deeper spiritual needs and felt needs in each person. I have come to aware more about their self-esteem, peer relationships, experience of life, sense of loneliness…More than their being ‘straight’ or ‘gay,’ my concern and hope  is that they can leave behind the doubts and struggles in the past and cherish life as this is worthy, love themselves more, able to manage same sex attraction and make free choice in life.


I hope to offer visitors holistic care. Whether the visitors want to make some changes or are unsure about the future, whether you are in a relationship or other seasons, I am most willing to explore with you the path ahead.

In the process of counseling or meeting in small groups, even if you decide to start a same-sex relationship, I would not choose to leave you alone but will patiently walk with you. After nine years of efforts, I have become more able to sincerely communicate with those having different stances and choices. I have not given up my stance and I still hope to walk with post-gay. I wish to see their dreams fulfilled and that they have learnt to embrace their lives and make sound decisions. I have also learnt that growing up is a long process. On the way, there are uncertainties and re-decisions. I have also learnt to respect the complexity of the post-gay life.


I am not a doctor, nor am I a strict supervisor. Sometimes, I am a counselor with whom you can share and explore deeply the otherwise untold secrets of your life. At other times, I am your teacher, friend and group leader. We would also go for picnics, campings, making chocolates on Valentine’s Day and baking moon cakes, hiking, singing karaoke, have singing or art classes, composing  lyrics, going for Christmas caroling… We may also help move houses, have family gatherings, attend weddings, baptisms and celebrations for newborn babies.

Are our gatherings like those at church, among old schoolmates or interest classes? Whether you are visitors, volunteers or supporters, we hope to make you feel that we are a ‘family.’ We hope that we will be positive, cherish each other and walk the journey together.


I have been growing up together with those who visit. They are not only those whom we serve. My expectation is that what I do to ‘you’ today, ‘you’ will do unto others one day.

Many who have attended support groups in the years past have become group leaders. Since 2004, we have a parents support group and some parents have also become sponsors or cheerleaders to other post-gay. Some all-loving parents could build a good rapport with other post-gay peer counselors, sharing the same goal of attaining personal growth.

It is not that these volunteers and group leaders consider themselves ‘problem-free’ and can guide others. Rather, they understand that ‘there is no need to wait till all my problems are resolved before I can serve others.’ We are on the same journey. Meeting others who are growing and being each other’s support is how we grow. ‘New Creation’ is with you on this journey!

My story has not come to an end yet and you are invited to turn on a new chapter with us…