August 30, 2018

Books Review

Book Review – “Letter to the Last Ex-Girlfriend”

After reading the book, I found there are three characteristics common among the writers of these letters:
1. They are bold in personality and often insist on being true to themselves. This also means they would not easily change their mind from what they are pursuing, including their lifestyle and relationship that they have, despite adversities.
2. All of them quite overwhelmingly love romances. Probably because of the same-sex effect: they are able to precisely feeling the same kind of romance with their girlfriends. This, in a way, could be leading them to grow into stronger intimacy with their girlfriends, which they could not experience with their male friends. This may, in turn, “strengthen” their relationship and increase the attraction.
3. At the end, majority of them lose their girlfriends to men, and this appears to be a common path to end their relationship and struggle with homosexuality. They feel truly free and somehow all want to bless their girlfriends with happy marriage. This is also a comfort to them and strength for them in their new lives without the girlfriend.

In addition to these characteristics, I also found the book interesting and easy to read. It gives insight into the life, faith and hope of ladies who are struggling or who have been struggling with same sex attraction:
• The writing style and choices of words of the writers are in general reflecting much feminism, despite some of the characters are in a way “playing” the role traditionally seen as “male” in the relationship, particularly in the caring and well-being of their girlfriends.
• The characters are from different walks of life but majority of them chose very similar path along the road of homosexuality. The descriptions of feelings and struggles are vivid, sensitive and exquisite.
• As the title of the book “The letters to the last ex-girlfriend” indicates, these girlfriends are no longer the writers’ and they are not having any girlfriends now. Some of them are no longer leading a homosexual lifestyle and even be looking forward to meeting their future husband of the other sex. But some may not be so clear.
• The changes were mostly brought about because of new found faith in Christ or returning to God for His love and purposes of life.
• In summary, this is an encouraging collection of genuine accounts of ladies struggling with homosexuality and is useful in providing insights to those who are in similar situation or who are walking with homosexual loved ones.

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